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Stridercest Coffee Shop AU Chapter 2

omg this really needs a new title halp 
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You were exhausted; morning classes combined with a double shift the day before had resulted in a distinct lack of sleep that was beginning to make a negative impact on your capacity to function. It was to this that you wrote off the trick your eyes must have been playing on you in the middle of your afternoon shift, because the man standing across the counter from you could not be who you thought he was. You’d watched him walk in, watched him move with an easy grace across the store before flashing a lazy smile that you hadn’t seen for eleven years. Now he stood, staring quietly at you with as much apparent shock and surprise as you felt.

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Coffee Shop AU…sort….of?

Because every ship needs one. Maybe gonna probably put this up on Ao3 too? It’s right here.

The two of you had always been close growing up, even for twins. You had been born seventeen minutes sooner and he acted ten years older. He was all towering intellect and social gracelessness; you used more than enough words to compensate and projected aloof confidence. You both were heavily dependent on your brother.

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Stridercest and Tattoos: A Headcanon

It will forever be in my mind that the brothers have a shit-ton of tattoos and piercings, I could go on for ages about the specifics and significance of each. In this case however, I’ll focus more on Dirk and Dave than either of the Guardian Striders. 

Dave: Dirk’s name on the underside of this wrist on his dominant hand; the one he uses his sword with. The other wrist bears the green Sburb logo. On his chest, over his heart, is the symbol for time. Over each shoulder blade is an orange wing. One arm is a full sleeve of each of the troll’s symbols, the other is reserved for his friend’s aspects and those of the alpha timeline kids. Below his right ear is a purple crescent moon for derse, and below the left is a a single crow in flight. On the back of his neck is a series of tally marks: one for each doomed Dave. 

Dirk: Like Dave, Dirk has his brother’s (lover’s) name on the underside of the wrist on his sword hand. On the other is the red Sburb logo. His aspect is also inked over his heart, he shares the dersite moon under his ear, and he too has a sleeve dedicated to his friends and their alternate universe parents, but the similarities end there. In place of a crow, Dirk has a seagull. Having not known the trolls, Dirk has used that arm as a testament to his love for technology, detailing an intricate series of circuits and wires so carefully that they could be real. 

At first, they go to get their tattoos separately, but as the number grows for both boys, it becomes a bonding experience. They help each other to immortalize their time in and outside of Sburb and cling to the common ground it affords them during their first months getting to know their new brother.  

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